Clean — Spice It Up and Favorite Green Shakes


Yesterday I made the Spice It Up Shake from the Cleanse Sample Meal Plan (page 22). As Clean shakes go, it was about average. This shake includes raspberries and carob powder which sounds really yummy. However, the flavors are rather muted. I added cacao nibs and fresh raspberries on top to give it some textural contrast and brighten up the flavor. The shake was slightly bitter so I should have also blended in a couple of dates to add some sweetness.

ImageTo start the new year off right, I once again turned to the Cleanse Sample Meal Plan this morning for a nutritious shake. The Favorite Green Shake (page 22) is bluish-green thanks to the spinach, blueberries, and spirulina. The spirulina adds an algae-like taste. While that may sound off-putting, I find it appealing.


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